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Paseos en camello por las dunas del Sáhara Merzouga

We are three young Tuareg from the Sahara desert specialized in creating and organizing personalized routes through Morocco.
Thanks to the nomadic tradition of the Tuareg and the family business, we have grown traveling and learning everything about the tourism and trade sector. With an experience of more than 10 years being guides and organizing routes for other companies, in 2020 we decided that we wanted to be the best option to visit Morocco and for this we created our own Travel and Routes Agency.
But ‘Visit Morocco’ is more than that, it is responsible tourism, they are tailor-made trips designed by you and always with our advice, it is fully immersing yourself in Moroccan culture, its architecture, its gastronomy and its people. They are your dream trips come true. And it is a journey that begins long before you arrive, so that the experience is completely extraordinary.

Travel to Morocco desert

How to visit the Moroccan desert? What is the interest of visiting the Moroccan desert? from which Moroccan cities you can visit the desert? These are the questions most asked by travelers visiting Morocco.

Travel To Merzouga Sahara desert: The Saharan desert of Merzouga is the most important and popular destination for tourists. Known for its stunning Erg Chebbi sand dunes, this charming village is located to the southeast. That is to say, it is about 500 feet high, its hue varies from golden to reddish and this depending on the season. The shape of the Ergs changes each year under the effect of the wind throughout the summer.
Tourists come to Merzouga to see the sand dunes. So they travel here to experience camel trekking. Others like to camp in Berber tents, while others like to do it just to watch the sunset or sunrise.
I’m talking about experiencing the nomadic Berber way of life, which involves traveling while tending to their herds in the Sahara. On the sand dunes, travelers also enjoy quad excursions and game drives. More, longer-staying guests visit Nomads for the full experience. Moreover, the lake of Srij is worth the detour because it is a refuge for the pink flamingos which have immigrated there.
A multi-day camel trek is, in general, the most beautiful adventure. In other words, you spend a week or two traveling through the Sahara with camels and tents. You would completely understand the importance of living the nomadic lifestyle of the natives of Morocco after having this experience.

Travel To Zagora Deset

One of the vacations we organize with the Visitar Marruecos travel agency is the camel ride, which includes a stay in the Zagora desert camp. Not to mention that Zagora is well known for having some of the tallest palm trees in the country. To produce dates of proven quality, a warm environment is necessary. In general, the Draa Tafilalet region of Morocco is a good source of high quality dates.
What makes Zagora a desert to visit?
Views of the valleys and rivers: several rivers cross Zagora. Take the example of the Draa River. In Morocco, the latter is the longest. It passes through Zagora and visitors frequently ride camels near this place. In addition, throughout the summer, you can observe the children of Zagora swimming and playing.
Souk of Zagora: The south of Morocco is renowned for its large souks or markets. One can be found in Zagora, where people trade camels, soaps and other items.
Green Farmland: Although a desert, Zagora contains many huge farmlands. It also has several oases where camp owners set up camp.
Parks: This city is well known for its tourist parks. Consider visiting one of the dinosaur parks or camel parks.
“If Zagora is on your bucket list, schedule the 2-day trip from Marrakech“.

We can pick you up from all Moroccan cities to take you to the Moroccan desert!

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